Incriminator Audio Warden R4 18" Subwoofer D1/D2

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Re•serve: [ri-zurv], verb (used with object): to set apart for a particular use, purpose, to withhold.

ince the very first version of our Warden, it has always been the pinnacle of the pure competitive SPL subwoofer choices.  You only came to the Warden because you needed that extra level, that additional half a db, that 1st place trophy, finally.  Our Warden has always been a purpose built, no holds barred, pure SPL monster rated at 3500 watts to take you there.  The Warden R4 (revision 4) is the weapon of choice to get you on that next level in your extreme output goals.

The outgoing Warden was almost too intense, almost too far off the deep end, or just too ridiculous for most SPL installs.  That should mean the Warden is more than good enough for its intended purpose right?.  Well, this is Incriminator Audio, we never stop developing, never stop improving, and never stop looking for gains.  Hitting just a few of the improvements, the new Warden R4 is even lighter with a reduced weight design to the motor.  While at the same time, we ramped up motorforce by 50% over the previous model. That means easier to install and transport, especially for those multi sub builds, and even stronger SPL peaks with improved control over the moving mass.

We didn’t stop there, improving the flux field inside the motor, the Warden upgraded to a full sleeved shorting ring.  With all this ramped up power handling and capabilities, we knew we needed to improve cooling, and that is exactly what we did by adding rear slotted vents to keep extreme temperatures under control.  Thermally, there is nothing to worry about because the Warden is using a special 8-layer, 3” Reserve coil that is flat wound as well as (ADC) Air Driven Cooling through the motor.  Mechanically, the Warden keeps everything in check through quadruple stiff, progressive spiders, a heavy duty kraft fiber reinforced cone body, a multi-layer surround, The NEO motor has tremendous motor force to control the cone in the most demanding SPL classes. 

Chances are, you have already heard of the Warden, but never took the leap.  If you are in need of the absolute extreme SPL competition subwoofer, you have come to the end of the line with the Incriminator Audio Warden.

Available in Dual 1 and Dual 2 standard as well a 12”, 15”, 18” and 21" models.

  • Features

    • 8 Spoke Black Cast Basket
    • 3" Reserve 8 Layer Flat Aluminum Voice Coil
    • Quad Black Progressive Spiders with Dual Woven Tinsel Leads
    • High Pressure Kraft Fiber Reinforced Cone
    • Multi-Layer Foam Surround
    • 8.6" 260 Oz Eight Column Motor with Black & Nickel Finish
    • 1056 Oz / 66 Pound Motor Structure
    • Interlocking Aluminum Spider Spacer Assembly
    • CILD² - Center Interlocking Dustcap
    • ADC - Air Driven Cooling
    • Nickel Plated Push Terminals
    • Wrap Around Rubber Gasket
    • 3500 Watt RMS Rated
    • DVC 1 ohm or 2 ohm


    Driver 12 Inch 15 Inch 18 Inch 21 Inch
    Sd 480 cm² 810 cm² 1210 cm² 1620 cm²
    Sub Diameter 12.37" 15.50" 18.50" 21.25"
    Mounting 11.12" 14.12" 16.87" 19.25"
    Depth 8.80" 10.00" 11.18" 11.80"
    Displacement .21 Cu. Ft. .22 Cu. Ft. .24 Cu. Ft. .26 Cu. Ft.
    Power 3500 RMS 3500 RMS 3500 RMS 3500 RMS



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