Deaf Bonce Apocalypse DB-3012R Dual 1 ohm 12" Subwoofer

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DB-3012 D1/D2 Subwoofer Specifications

Model DB-3012 D2 / DB-3012 D1
Type Subwoofer
Size 12 inch
Voice coil size 3.00 inch
Cone Paper
Magnet Ferrite
Voice coil wire None
Surround Foam
RMS Power 2800 W
MAX Power 4800 W
Frame Alu
Impedance 2+2 / 1+1 Ohm
SPL 86.50 / 86.00 dB
Fs 33.80 / 33.00 Hz
Qts 0.43 / 0.41
BL 26.00 / 23.80
Vas 30.20 / 29.50 L
Xmax 19.00 / 19.00 mm
Mounting depth 8.82 inch
Cut-out dimension 11.18 inch
Gross weight 61.51 lb (27.90 kg)

Deaf bonce Apocalypse DB-3012 D1/D2 12 price is on point. These 12” subwoofers have a voice coil of 3.0 inch. Apocalypse DB-SA302 D1/D2 12 specs are just impressive. Deaf bonce Apocalypse DB-3012 D1 12 and Apocalypse DB-3012 D2 12 are capable of handling some huge power. Apocalypse DB-3012 D1/D2 12 have a peak power of 4800 watts and an RMS output power of 2400 watts. Apocalypse DB-3012 D1 12 has 1+1 impedance whereas Apocalypse DB-3012 D2 12 has 2+2 impedance. As always, these subs are made with high-quality specs. They have a ferrite magnet for quality sound. They are surrounded by wide long-throw foam and have a rubber mounting gasket and are cast in an aluminum frame. Deaf bonce Apocalypse DB-3012 D1 12 and DB-3012 D2 12 have an extremely rigid non-pressed paper cone assembly. Deaf bonce Apocalypse DB-3012 D1/D2 12 reviews from existing purchasers prove that these subwoofers are worth buying.

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