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If you're looking to maximize sound quality and control over your system, look no further. Our EQ series features many band line drivers to assure we can meet the needs of even the most complex builds. These units have the ability to fine tune your audio system while giving you the ability to add a unique touch to your sound.

Frequency Response: 10Hz-50KHz +/- 1dB
Stereo Separation: 80dB / 1KHz
Input Impedance: 20K OHMS
Operation Voltage: 11~15V DC negative ground
Bands: 45Hz, 180Hz, 750Hz, 3.5KHz, 12KHz
Band Gain: -18dB to +18dB
T.H.D: 0.05%
Subwoofer Frequency: Adjustble 60Hz - 90Hz
Features: 5-Band Stereo Equalizer / Crossover specifically created for the mobile environment.
Provides powerful features in a compact size 5 equalization bands ( 45Hz, 180Hz, 750Hz, 3.5KHz) each adjustable from -18dB to 18dB.
Active gain equalizer with adjustable input sensitivity master volume control with up to 7 Volts RMS of output.
Individual left and right sensitivity controls.
Specific bandwidth for each band plus high frequency shelving.
On-Board 30V bipolar switching power supply.
Subwoofer level control.
Gold plated RCA input/output connectors
Input RADIO/CD select switch
Night illumination design with 2 color selectable
4 channel separate control for fitting front & rear field by dual VR type
S/N Ratio 80dB REF IV input

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