DS18 INF-YTX20L-BS INFINITE 800 Watts 20 AH AGM Power Cell For Power Sports

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It takes power to make power! To utilize your new sound system to the maximum, you need to supply your amps with the voltage they need to give you all the power they are designed for. DS18's AGM batteries were designed for just that. Our high powered batteries will give you great voltage and long life when you need it the most. Available for multiple applications and coming in many sizes there we have the perfect AGM battery for you.


    • Capacity of 20AH@10Hr-Rate to 1.8v per cell giving a floating voltage of 13.5v to 13.8v.

    • Maximum recommended charger use of 1 amps max.

    • AGM cell layered construction for maximum voltage efficiency and amperage output for vehicles with high demand electrical systems.

    • Easy to use Bolt-A type terminals for flawless connectivity and endless vehicle compatibility options.

    • Maximum amperage output of 300A @5sec for high bursts of energy on demand.

Nominal Voltage 12.4
Nominal AH 20
Power Watts 800
Burst AMPS 300
Terminal Type A
Dimensions in Inches 6.9 x 3.4 x 6
Weight 12.7 LBS
Charging Current <2
Charge Voltage 14.4-14.9
Float Voltage 13.5-13.8

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