Incriminator Audio IX3.1 3000w RMS Mono Block Amplifier

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The flagship of our IX-series monoblock amplifiers, is the all-new, from the ground up, IX3.1. People kept asking, “I have a pair of Death Row subs, what amp should I run?” or “I have an IA Judge sub, what is the best amp?” Now you have that answer in the Incriminator Audio IX3.1, muscling up with 3,000 watts on tap to more than get the job done.

The IX3.1 is feature packed, with a bass remote that has a clipping light for control at your fingertips, an advanced crossover network to dial in the performance you want, and is fully strapable if you feel the need to get nuts and double up on a pair of IX3.1’s. No corners were cut when it came to designing the best 3,000 watt, compact monoblock on the market.

When you see specs like 16v capable, 8 gauge speaker wire outs, and 1/0 power & ground connections, you know right away, this IX3.1 was meant for one purpose only. Pure, clean, and controlled power, from a premium build, that is what you will always get when it comes to the IX3.1. Not only do you expect an amp of this quality and performance, but we expect it from ourselves. That is why we are very proud of the IX3.1 flagship monoblock amplifier.

  • Features

    • Digital Class-D Mono Block Amplifier
    • Dual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
    • 1 Ohm Topology
    • 24 dB/octave - Variable State Subsonic Filter
    • 24 dB/octave - Variable State Low Pass Filter
    • 9 dB/octave - Variable State Bass Boost
    • Heavy Duty Copper Layer Double Sided Epoxy PCB
    • Advanced Strapping with Mirror Techology
    • Multi-Layer Bullet Proof Protection Circuit (Themal, Voltage, Speaker Short, DC)
    • Wired Remote Control with Clipping Indicator



    Rated Power ( 14.4V at 1% THD ) IX3.1
    RMS Power - 2 Ohm Linked : 6000W
    RMS Power - 1 Ohm Mono : 3000W
    RMS Power - 2 Ohm Mono : 1500W
    RMS Power - 4 Ohm Mono : 750W
    Low Pass Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) : 35Hz - 250Hz
    Subsonic Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) : 10Hz - 50Hz
    Frequency Response ( +/- 1dB ) : 12Hz - 250Hz
    Bass Boost ( 45Hz ) : 0 - 9dB
    Input Sensitivity ( Volt +/- 5% ) : 6.0V - 0.2V
    Signal / Noise Ratio : 95dB
    Dampening Factor ( 1 Ohm ) : 200 +
    Master/Slave/Mirror : Included
    Power Efficiency ( 4 Ohm ) : 94%
    Fuse Rating ( 14.4V ) : 300A
    Fuse Rating ( 14.4V Linked ) : 600A
    Segmented Power Input Connection : 1/0 AWG
    Operation Voltage : 8.5V - 16.0V
    Speaker Output Connection : 8 AWG
    Dimensions ( Inches ) : 7.48 W x 2.24 H x 15.74 L
    Dimensions ( Millimeters ) : 190 W x 57 H x 400 L

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