MM-VC1 2005> GM 2pin RVC Voltage Controller

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The new Mechman MM-VC1 provides a professional and straightforward installation way to control 2005> GM 2pin equipped alternators.  GM's RVC System is good in stock vehicle applications but when adding accessories that will require higher or just more stable voltage, this is a great solution!

Previously, a Mechman alternator customer would need to send in their 2pin alternator to be converted to the more traditional style 4pin / 1 wire / P103 setup. This required removing the alternator from the vehicle, possible vehicle down time, shipping and then reinstalling into the vehicle.  While this is a great process and we still perform these modifications on Mechman brand alternators, it can be an inconvenience to the customer.  So, this is not a replacement of the 4pin/1wire upgrade we do, merely a more convenient way for our customers to attain their goals. 

With the new MM-VC1 the customer will be able to simply purchase online, follow our included detailed instructions where only a 12v switched source and ground wire will need to be connected to the vehicle. Thats it! No battery light and the customer will be able to charge from battery resting voltage (usually in the 12.4-volt range on std AGM batteries) all the way up to 15.5 volts (marginally lower on non-Mechman brand alternators). It's just that easy!

The included wiring harness uses high quality waterproof connectors just like a factory accessory add on should have. No worries of mixing up wires or coming loose during the rigors of daily driving or brutal car audio shaking. 

The added safety of the MM-VC1 is that if you try to adjust your voltage too low or too high, your GM 2 pin alternator will simply default to 13.5 volts.  Simply raise or lower the duty cycle via the UP / DOWN buttons on the controller and your voltage range will pick right back up where you want it.

Typical uses:

1.  Motor swaps

2.  Custom lithium battery banks / different lithium battery chemistry charging ranges.

3.  Multiple alternator setups (tested on 3 at one time / verified)

4.  Using 2pin alternators in 4pin vehicle applications.

5.  OEM alternator voltage boosting, not amperage increasing.


1.  Solve electrical issues the vehicle may already have.

2.  Fix broken / non-working alternators.

3.  Substitute a low amperage output alternator for a high output alternator need. Voltage only, not amps. 

4.  Fix voltage drop from inadequate battery bank and high draw add on items such as large wattage audio amplifiers. 

5.  Voltage adjustment is meant to be set and forget.  Hot temperatures = lower voltage, cold temperatures = higher voltage.

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