Resilient Sounds ONYX 15 2500W 15 inch Subwoofer

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Resilient Sounds ONYX 15 is a 15 inch Subwoofer with 2500W RMS. The RS Platinum Series will speak for itself as it was designed to exceed all expectations leaving you with nothing but an enviable experience. The RS Platinum Series will be available in 12” and 15” and now 18inch, featuring an XL 3” 8 layer FW Aluminum VC, Quad stacked 9.25” nomex progressive spiders with dual sewn leads, and a FEA optimized triple stack motor with an aluminum shorting ring and spacers conservatively rated 2000 watts rms / 4000 watts peak.

 Key Features of ONYX 15

  • 4” 4 layer FW Aluminum VC,
  • 5 Stacked 9.25” Nomex Progressive Spiders
  • Triple Sewn Leads
  • FEA Optimized Triple Stacked Motor
  • Aluminum Shorting Ring and Spacers
  • 5000 Watts Max
  • 2500 Watts Rms

Resilient Sounds ONYX 15 Specs

Subwoofer Model Resilient Sounds ONYX 15 Platinum
 RMS 2000
SPL 90.6 dB
FMS 25.9 Hz
BL 19.4
Res 187.5
Re 2.0
Qms 2.89
Qes 0.38
Qts 0.33
Rms 24.5 kg/s
Cms 0.09 mm/N
Mms 435.2 gr
Nref 0.73%
VAS 164.0 L
Rp 14.3
Lp 39.0 mH
Cp 1171.6 uF
Le 0.92 mH
Xmax 30
Price $559.99

We are proud to be an authorized Resilient Sounds Dealer! 


Every vehicles applications, equipment, tuning, wiring, ext all play a factor in making sure your woofers are playing clean signals to avoid any clipping. Our products have the reputation of taking some of the most abuse in the industry for its given power rating, but to ensure the longevity using the right air space and scoping for a clean signal will be sure to have a lasting daily resilient subwoofer. 


Suggested Healthy spec range.

Rule of thumb lean towards smaller enclousre if clamping @ or more than conservative power. Lean towards bigger enclosure clamping below conservative power


Ported enclosure

4ft-6ft tuned @35hertz with 12-16sqaure inch of port area per cubic foot. 

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