Resilient Sounds RS10 10" 500W Entry Level Subwoofer 4 ohm

Resilient Sounds RS10 10" 500W Entry Level Subwoofer 4 ohm

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The RS 10 which features dual stacked nomex spiders and a 100 oz motor. The RS Series is rated 500 watts rms / 1000 watts peak. Even though this is our entry line, they will surely exceed your expectations for their performance and muscial quality!  
Resilient Sounds RS10 10 inch subwoofer is a 500w RMS entry level subwoofer & has got some good reviews from it's users & it's specs are also very good according to it's price.

Resilient Sounds RS10 10 Specs

 Model  Resilient Sounds RS10
 RMS 500
 Voice Coil 2.5"
 Motor 100 Oz
 SPL  84.5 db
 FMS  31.4 Hz
 BL  25.6
 RES  82.2
 RE  8.0
 QMS  4.38
QES  0.40
 QTS 0.16 mm/N
MMS 164.6 gr
Nref 0.18%
BT 25.6
VAS 23.8 L
RP 90.6
LP 116.5 mH
CP 300.8 uF
Le 3.66 mH
Xmax 16



Every vehicles applications, equipment, tuning, wiring, ext all play a factor in making sure your woofers are playing clean signals to avoid any clipping. Our products have the reputation of taking some of the most abuse in the industry for its given power rating, but to ensure the longevity using the right air space and scoping for a clean signal will be sure to have a lasting daily resilient subwoofer. 


Suggested Healthy spec range.

Rule of thumb lean towards smaller enclousre if clamping @ or more than conservative power. Lean towards bigger enclosure clamping below conservative power


Ported enclosure

.75ft-1.25ft tuned @35hertz with 12-16sqaure inch of port area per cubic foot. 



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