DS18 RY-KIT0.HD Ryder 0-GA Amplifier OFC Installation Kit for Harley Davidson

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Rev up your motorcycle and prepare for an auditory experience like never before with DS18's revolutionary RY-KIT0.HD Ryder 0-GA Amplifier Installation Kit for Harley Davidson.

Compatible with models from 1996 and onwards, including the iconic Electra Glide (FLHT), Street Glide (FLHX), Road Glide (FLTR), and even some TRIKE models, the RY-KIT0.HD is specifically designed to enhance your Harley Davidson, offering seamless installation of an additional amplifier.

The RY-KIT0.HD includes (6ft) 1/0AWG Red and Black OFC tinned wires, carefully encased in a protective braided sleeve and complemented by heat shrink and ring terminals, providing added durability and making troubleshooting a breeze. Additionally, the (2ft) 18AWG Blue OFC tinned remote wiring with a fast plug connector ensures convenience and ease of use.

This indispensable feature not only provides added protection but also enables easy integration of fuses into any electrical circuit. With a 120A Mini-ANL fuse already installed, you can rest assured knowing your system is safeguarded against any unforeseen power surges.

The RY-KIT0.HD is recommended for amplifiers up to 3500W in power, ensuring that you'll achieve optimal results and unleash the full potential of your audio system.


  • Stronger, more conductive, and corrosion resistant OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) tinned wires
  • Fuse Holder and 120A Mini-ANL fuses installed on holder for easy integration of fuses into any electrical circuit
  • Weather Resistant Wiring to help install a compact weather resistant amplifier suitable for motorcycle applications

Great For

  • Harley Davison Models (1996 and later)
  • Bike Audio

Fits on 1996-up HD models including FLHT, FLHX, FLTR and some TRIKEs.
2x120A Mini-ANL Fuse already installed on the Fuse Holder.
(6ft) 1/0AWG Red + (6ft) 1/0AWG Black OFC tinned Wire with protective braided sleeve, heat shrink and Ring terminals.
(6ft) 1/0AWG Red + (6ft) 1/0AWG Black OFC tinned Wire with protective braided sleeve, heat shrink and Ring terminals.
Good for an amplifier up to 3500W*.
(2ft) 18AWG Blue OFC tinned Remote Wiring with Fast plug connector.

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