6S LTO Balancer

Product type: Balancer

Vendor: Yinlong



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Balancer Only(self explanatory) 
Case Only(self explanatory) 
Balancer & Case DIY- You will get the balancer and the case. You install everything, hence DIY.
Balancer & Case Ready to Install. The unit will arrive already installed in the case, wires routed though the case pre labeled so you know which wire to put to each buss bar.
Balance start voltage: 2.0V-2.8V
Balance termination voltage: 1.9V (into undervoltage sleep state)
Maximum Balance current: The whole group error is 0.1V1A; 0.5V3.5A; 1.0V5.5A (18awg 30CM cable test)
5S LTO quiescent current Full state: 2.8v*5cell) 14V 12mA
6S LTO quiescent current Full state: 2.8v*6cell) 16.8V 15mA
Whether external power supply is required: no external power supply is required, and the internal energy transfer of the battery is used to transfer and the entire set batteries pack in balance .