CE Auto Turn-On Relay Kit Multiple(TORK2)

CE Auto Turn-On Relay Kit Multiple(TORK2)

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So you're putting together an audio system in your vehicle that will use numerous amplifiers and signal processors. No problem - our turn-on relay kits are designed to allow you to easily interface all of their turn-on circuits to your source unit. Each kit features:

  • The most reliable relay we know of - the venerable
    Tyco/Bosch 30 Amp unit
  • Diode protection to prevent damaging the turn-on
    output of the source unit
  • All hardware required to install it
  • Step-by-step instructions

Either kit can turn-on between five and six dozen amplifiers
and/or signal processors.

Our deluxe turn-on relay kit is designed to install near your power amplifiers. It includes:

  • Fused Power Lead
  • 7.5 Amp Fuse
  • Self Tapping Ground Screw
  • #10 Internal / External Star Washer
  • 3 foot long Ground Lead
  • Barrier Strip for simple connections for up to (12) power amps /processors
  • Crimp Style Terminals

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