DS18 XM3 3-Way Active Crossover with Sub-Level Control

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Having the perfect tools to make your sound system the ultimate music machine is what DS18 has for you. Our crossovers are designed to provide the perfect frequency distribution throughout your system to ensure the clarity and peak efficiency for your acoustic.



  • Get precise tuning accuracy with the XM3's easy to use tuning controls.
  • Front and rear high pass filters will help you get your exact midrange and high range frequency targets easily.
  • Subwoofer low pass adjustments will help you perfectly tune your sub in compliance with specs.
Model: XM3
Supply Voltage: 9-15VDC
Maximum Output (10 K_Load): 9vrms
Low Level Input Voltage: 4vrms
Remote Sub Level: 18dB Boost
Crossover Frequencies: Front High Pass, Rear High Pass, and Subwoofer: 32Hz to 400Hz
Crossover Slopes: 12dB/Octave Butterworth
Total Harmonic Distortion (1KHz, 1 VRMS): 0.01%
Signal to Noise Ratio: >102dB
Features: LED Power Indicator
PWM Power Supply
Ground and Remote Connector
Bass Boost Power
Gold RCA Input and Output connectors
Detected Frequency Selection Control
0-180 Degree Subwoofer Phase Switch
Remote Sub Level Control
3 Way Active Crossover with x20 Frequency Multiplier Switch

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