DS18 HYDRO MXRC Marine And Powersports Round Wired Remote Control For Use With All Our MRX Series Digital Media Receivers.

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The MXRC is a durable waterproof  round remote control for the DS18 MRX series head units. This remote control can be mounted anywhere you need to control the master unit from a distance. The most common area would be on the rear transom or deck of a boat so you can control volume, tracks, and music sources from a more convenient and relaxed area. Built in LEDs will help you navigate easily through all your options to get to the music you love.


  • The MXRC is a wired remote control that gives you full functionality of the DS18 MRX series marine digital media receivers.

  • This remote IP65 rated and ready for all elements so you don't have to worry about water and splashes.

  • You can control source, volume, skip, and your presets easily all while being lit by LEDs in case of low light situations

  • This remote is easily mountable with the unused mounting hardware and virtually takes no very little space.

  • Waterproof

  • Easily mountable

  • Led lights to help you navigate

  • Mounting Diameter 1.77 inches

  • Overall diameter 2.43 inches

  • Made for 12v electrical systems

  • Wiring harness included

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