DS18 JK-HARNESS Jeep JK Plug and Play Harness for JK-SBAR Overhead Bar System, Amplifier and SQBASS Underseat Subwoofer

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DS18 JK-HARNESS Plug and Play Harness for JK and JKU Jeeps

The JK-HARNESS is an essential piece of equipment for any JK/JKU Jeep audio system with fully loaded sound bar.

This Plug and Play Harness connects the 8-inch midrange speakers directly to the DS18 aftermarket amplifier, while the plug-and-play harness utilizes your factory amplifier to push the Tweeters and drivers. This harness is designed to get the proper power and cable routing without the need for cutting, splicing or adding of additional wires to your factory harness to power your high-range speakers. RGB cable is also included on the harness so you can wire in the RGB circuit to your sound bar easily with the addition of our LED BTC controller.

Our bonded design effortlessly sets the foundation for the completion of the perfect audio system in your JK/JKU Jeep and frees you of the hassles of cutting during installation.

DISCLAIMER: The Plug and Play capabilities of this harness are only available to Jeeps with BASIC Sound Systems. If trying to connect to anything other than the Jeep factory BASIC sound system, the plug and play connectors must be cut and spliced at the harness connection or bypassed to the DS18 Amplifier.


  • Plug and play design that allows for hassle free installation without manual cutting or splicing.
  • Color coded and labeled for easy installation and the supplied brackets will secure the unit firmly to the chassis.

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