DS18 PRO 8" Shallow Neodymium Mid-Range Loudspeaker 500 Watts 4-Ohm

Product type: Midrange/Midbass Speakers

Vendor: DS18



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DS18 amassed a wealth of experience in manufacturing the most elegant neodymium midranges for those seeking simple perfection. Neodymium magnets provide a higher magnetic flux density in the air gap, which generates a much greater action force in the voice coil. For this reason, Neo magnets have the strongest permanent magnets of all the commercially available speakers. Ranging in sizes, mounting depths, and frequency responses, we have more than 10 different models of Neo mids to accommodate any build.
Type: Shallow Midrange Loudspeaker with Bullet
Size: 8"
RMS Power: 250W
MAX Power: 500W
Frequency Response: 123Hz - 13.7KHz
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Sensitivity:  95dB
Surround: Cloth Edge
Frame: Black Aluminum Basket
Cone: Non-Pressed Paper Cone
Magnet: Neodymium
Voice Coil Wire: KCCAW 2 Layer
Voice Coil Size: 2"
Magnet Size: NEO 4 oz 
Mounting Depth: 2.22" (56.6mm) 
Cut-Out Dimensions: 7.20" (183mm)
Net Weight: 1.7kg