DS18 PRO-TW2L 3.8" Super Bullet Tweeter with RGB LED Lights 240 Watts 1" Aluminum 4-Ohm Vc

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Engineered and Designed in the US, the DS18 RGB PRO Tweeters are the top of the line in the Pro Audio/Voceteo market. These bad boys deliver so much power that you'd think with one tweeter your whole sound system is ready to deploy for a major concert, the new RGB lights will give you the show you are looking for. Simply put, there are no tweeters that can compare to the sophistication, beauty, and precision of these tweeters, especially in the Pro Audio/Voceteo World.

Thanks to the demands of our customers, after months of relentless tests and experiments, our team of audio-experts perfected the PRO line. We are ecstatic to share with you the product of hard-work and "non-stop innovating attitude." We are sure that you will love your new RGB PRO Tweeters as much as we do.

Warning: Extremely Loud.


  • Highly popular small tweeter design that handles big power.
  • Flared design giving it more directional volume than other tweeters.
  • Easily repaired in just a few minutes anywhere in the low chance you need to swap the voice coil out for a new one.
  • Multi colored RGB LEDs to match any color scheme you can think of.

Model: PRO-TW2L
Type: Super Bullet Tweeter
RMS Power: 200 Watts
MAX Power: 400 Watts
Diaphragm Material: Aluminum
Sensitivity: 103.5dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: 3.5KHz - 20KHz
Mounting Depth: 2.78"
Cutout Diameter: 2.76"
Replacement Diaphragm: PRO-TW2VC

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