DS18 V2HL.V2 Hi/Lo Converter 2-Channel with Speaker Emulator (Remote out)

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Most new vehicles use their factory head unit for integration controls. This means its very difficult and expensive to swap out head unit and keep all your factory functions integrated like: climate control, lighting, and GPS. A simple way to add amplifiers with also retaining your factory head unit is DS18's V2HL.V2 converter. This converter will splice into your factory head unit or amplifiers output and will convert the signal to RCA output which is necessary for most aftermarket amplifiers. This unit will provide a 2 channel L+R output so you can enjoy all the benefits of your aftermarket sound system.



  • Signal sensing technology that turns the unit on as soon as signal is detected so remote wire turn on can be optional.
  • Easy mounting and sleek design so you have a near unlimited options for placement inside the vehicle.
  • Adjustable output voltage up to 8v so you can get a crystal clear signal with no distortion.
  • Speaker emulator that enables signal output from some OEM amplifiers that shut down if no speakers are detected and let you do away with adding resistors to keep the amplifier and OEM head unit functional.
  • 2 CH Smart line-output converter
  • 2 CH high level input 2 CH RCA output
  • Surface mount component technology
  • lowest impedance and best power filter
  • FR4 double sides PC board
  • Remote trigger output with signal sensing
  • Power LED indicator to show working status

 Technical Details

  • Input: Up to 55W
  • Output: Up tp 8V
  • Remote Output Generate:12 Volt
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz
  • Input Impedance:20K ohm
  • Standby Current: 200mA
  • Dimensions: 2.58" x 2.24" x 0.95"

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