DS18 ZXI-212LD.RG Dual 12" Loaded Subwoofer Ported Rugged Armored Enclosure With ZXI12.4D 2000 Watts Rms

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 Immerse yourself in powerful booming bass with DS18’s ZXI-212LD.RG!

The ZXI-212LD.RG is a precisely engineered enclosure, built to maximize the potential of it’s included subwoofers, the ZXI12.4D. This front ported enclosure, with port dimensions of 1.96" x 13" x 23.2" (50 x 330 x 590 mm), ensures optimal air flow, minimizing distortion and maximizing the bass. Crafted from ¾” MDF and finished with rugged black bed liner, DS18’s ZXI-212LD.RG guarantees structural integrity and reduces resonance for powerful output.

At the heart of this beast lies the ZXI12.4D, a single 12" subwoofer that embodies DS18’s perfect harmony between precision engineering and raw power. With a dual-ohm configuration, the ZXI-212LD.RG has an impedance of 1-OHM, and is ready to handle a thunderous 2000W of RMS power, and a staggering 4000W of MAX power handling. The ZXI12.4D boasts an impressive sensitivity of 93 dB, ensuring every nuance of your favorite tracks is reproduced with impeccable clarity and detail. The ZXI12.4D allows you to experience the full spectrum of low frequency response, this masterpiece delivers the most efficient frequency response range from 15Hz to 60Hz. This range is even easier to feel with the included enclosures port tuning to 29Hz. With these subwoofers you’ll feel every note of all your favorite songs, immersing you in the audio like never before.

As you install the ZXI-212LD.RG in your vehicle, its dimensions of 14.5" (368mm) in height, 36.22" (920mm) in width, and 19.7" (500mm) and 21.65” (550mm) in depth seamlessly blend into your car's interior, ensuring a clean and unobtrusive installation.


  • Dual ZXI12.4D handles a thunderous 2000W of RMS power and a staggering 4000W of MAX power.
  • Impeccable clarity and detail with a sensitivity of 93 dB and a frequency response range from 15Hz to 600Hz.
  • 3" black aluminum voice coil for heat dissipation
  • The precisely engineered enclosure with an internal volume of 141 liters (5ft³) and front-ported design
  • Expertly crafted from 3/4" (19mm) MDF with a sleek black bed liner paint finish
  • Optimal port dimensions of 1.96" x 13" x 23.2" (50 x 330 x 590 mm)
  • Seamless integration with your vehicle's interior, with dimensions of 14.5" (368mm) in height, 36.22" (920mm) in width, and 19.7" (500mm) and 21.65” (550mm) in depth.

Great For

  • Car Audio
  • Pro Audio
Speaker Type / Size Dual 12" Subwoofer (ZXI12.4D)
Total Impedance 1 ohm
Total RMS Power Handling  2000 W
Total MAX Power Handling  4000 W
Sensitivity (1w/1m)  93dB
Frequency Response 15-600 Hz
Recommended Lo Pass Crossover 60 HZ
Voice Coil Diameter 3" / 76.5mm
Voice Coil Former Material  Black Aluminum
Winding Material  CCAW
Cone Material Non Pressed Paper
Dust Cap Material PPI
Surround Material Foam
Basket Material  Aluminum
Magnet Material Ferrite
Magnet Weight 224 Oz (4X56Oz)
Internal Volume 141L / 5ft3
Port Tune 29Hz
Load Configuration Parallel (Dual 4ohm Each)
Box Type Front Ported
Box Material 3/4" / 19mm MDF
Finish Material Black bedliner Paint
-3Db Dropping Point 24Hz
Height 14.5" / 368mm
Width 36.22 / 920mm
Depth 1 19.7" / 500mm
Depth 2 21.65" / 550mm
Port Dimensions (W/H/Length) 3.93"x13"x26" / 100x330x660mm

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