Ground Zero GZPW 10SQ 10″ high end SQ subwoofer

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Ground Zero GZPW Details

Ground Zero GZPW 10SQ is a 10 inch high end SQ subwoofer with aluminum cast basket and aluminum cone. 

Key Features:

  • 10″ SQ subwoofer
  • Klippel® optimized
  • Aluminum cone
  • SQ rubber surround
  • Solid aluminum cast basket
  • 50 mm / 2″ copper wire voice coil
  • 2-layer spider
  • Aluminum dust cap

Ground Zero GZPW 10SQ is a high-quality 10 inch subwoofer with aluminum cast basket and aluminum cone. It is a kipple optimized sub with 2-layer spider. It has an impressive power handling capability of 400/700 Watts and an impedance of 2x2 ohms. It has a power recommendation of 300-700 watts. You have got an option to choose your little beast with or without a front grill. You can read more technical specifications of this sub in the table below. The Ground Zero GZPW 10SQ is priced at 799.99$ without grill and 879.99$ with grill.

Ground Zero GZPW 10SQ Specifications


High-End SQ Subwoofer


25 cm / 10"

Belastbarkeit (RMS)

400 / 700 Watts


2x 2 Ohms


83.8 dB

Power recommendation

300 – 700 Watts

Voice coil

50 mm aluminium

Membran Layout

Anodized aluminum

Max. Excursion (Xmax)

30 mm

Mounting Ø

236 mm


148 mm

Resonance frequency (Fs)

34 Hz

Overall Qaulity (Qts)


Äquiv. Luftvolumen (Vas)

23.54 L

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