NoLi Sodium 12Ah Limitless Lithium Battery Up to 3000W 10v-16v

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Battery Model  NoLi-12AH  
Resting Voltage (Charge Voltage Dependant) 12-15.5V  
Float/Maintanance Charging Voltage 14.2V  
Max Charging Voltage 16V  
Minimum Charging Voltage 10V  
Capacity (Ah) 12AH  
Capacity (Pb Eq) 48Pb Eq  
Cell Chemistry  SIB  
Cell Life Cycles 4,000 80% DOD
Craking Amps (CA) 1170  
Cold Craking Amps (CCA) 880  
Nominal Operating Temperature Range 14F-140F  
Terminal Bolt Size M5  
Terminal Orientation Right Positive  
Balance Board Installed Yes  
Battery Management System Installed (BMS) No  
Performace 14.6V (Standard Voltage)    
RMS Wattage (Installed with 100A stock alternator) 2,000-2,500W 14.6V Input Voltage 
Max Burst Wattage (Installed with 100A Alternator) 3,500W 14.6V Input Voltage 
RMS Amperage Output (Stand Alone for 30 seconds) 75A Starting at 14.6V
Max Burst Amperage Output (Stand alone for 10 seconds) 150A Starting at 14.6V
Recommended Charging/Input Current Stock Alt  
Maximum Charging/Input Current 300A Charging above 300A Shortens the cycle life
Performace 16V (High Voltage)    
RMS Wattage (Installed with 100A stock alternator) 2,500-3,000W 16V Input Voltage
Max Burst Wattage (Installed with 100A Alternator) 4,000W 16V Input Voltage
RMS Amperage (Stand Alone for 30 seconds) 100A Starting at 16V
Max Burst Amperage (Stand alone for 10 seconds) 200A Starting at 16V
Recommended Charging/Input Current  Stock Alt  
Maximum Charging/Input Current  300A Charging above 300A Shortens the cycle life
Overall Length 7"  
Overall Width 3"  
Overall Height 6.5"  
Overall Height (Without Terminals) 6.5"  
Weight 4.10 LBS  
BCI Battery Group Model 20  
Shipping Information    
Gross Single Unit Weight  4.15 LBS  
Single Unit Box Dimensions W x L x H  3.75 x 8.5 x 8.25  
Quantity of Units in Master Carton 6  
Gross Master Carton Weight 28.10 LBS  
Master Carton Dimensions W x L x H 11.5 X 19.5 x 13  



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