DS18 XOHV Pre-Amp With Crossover For High Volt Amplifier

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Increase your systems signal to line-level with DS18’s XOHV!

This 2-channel Pre-Amplifier has a built-in Crossover and selectable bass boost frequency with high volt input and output! The XOHV is designed to work in line with H-V amplifiers that usually don’t have these features equipped.

This Pre-Amplifier’s 2-Channel capabilities allow you to connect 2 or more amplifiers for insane results!

Increase your signal strength today with the XOHV!


  • Perfect for Hi-Volts Amplifiers
  • Hi-Volt RCA Input and output up to 9 volts
  • Bass Boost adjustable on frequency and intensity
  • LED Clip indicator for input and output
  • Input Gain Adjustable
  • Low Loss Tiffany RCA
  • Remote output with delay to avoid noises
  • Input Ground Selectable (Ground/200 ohm/Insulated)

Great For

  • Pro Audio
  • Car Audio
Frequency Response 15Hz - 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 100dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.0002
Stereo Signal Separation 85dB
Low Level Input Range 1.6 - 9 Volts
High Pass Filter Range 15Hz - 10KHz
Low Pass Filter Range 50Hz - 20KHz
Crossover Slope  12dB/Oct
Bass Boost Range 0~18dB
Bass Boost Frequency 35~125Hz
RCA Pre-Output Voltage at 12.8V 7 Volts
RCA Pre-Output Voltage at 14.4V 9 Volts
Number of Channels 2 (Left and Right)
Led Indicator Power / Clip
Power Input Terminal Size 14ga
Fuse Size up to 1A (external)
Remote Output Yes, (250mA)
Tiffany RCA Yes, (Input and Output)
Input Ground Selector Yes, (Ground/200ohm/Insolated)
Overall Length 5.9" / 150mm
Overall Wide 3.28" / 83.5mm
Overall Height 1.1" / 28mm
Heatsink Length  4.86" / 123.5mm
Heatsink Wide 2.42" / 61.7mm
Gross Single Unit Weight 9.4oz

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