Incriminator Audio Death Row R3 12" Subwoofer D1/D2

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Introducing the 3rd generation Death Row from Incriminator Audio. New for 2017, the DR has stepped the game up in the 1500 RMS subwoofer class. Building on the previous generation DR, this new model is the next step up in serious all-around performance. The all-new IA Death Row can work both ends of the spectrum, from the clean and composed daily driving sub with great clarity that can blend well with all kinds of music, to the mega output SPL installs with massive walls of subs. Firmly positioned smack in the middle of the Incriminator sub line up, the Death Row is the Swiss army knife of subs. As it is now an overbuilt design, there is no need to sweat hurting the Death Row. There has been improved cooling and a larger motor to all come together nicely for a stronger all around subwoofer.

As with other Incriminator Audio subwoofers, the Death Row has the optional customization to your particular install needs. This flexibility gives you greater potential for an outstanding sonic result. For the high output crowd, there is an extra spider (XS), upgraded lead wires (UL), and direct connect leads (DC). All of this is on top of the standard 4 layer flat wound aluminum coils, air driven cooling (ADC), an oversized motor structure, and a heavy duty pulp matrix fiber reinforced cone. The new Death Row, with suspension and lead wire upgrades, will make it comparable to the previous Death Penalty. The new dust cap with embossed logo is interlocking and gives it a crisp look. A killer combination would be a pair of Death Row subwoofers on a single IA 20.1 amplifier. Superior performance and top tier quality all around really set the IA DR ahead of the pack. When you absolutely need one of the best subs that can do it all, there is no other choice than a Death Row

Available in Dual 1 and Dual 2 standard as well a 12”, 15”, and 18” models.

  • Features

    • 8 Spoke Black Cast Basket
    • 3" 4 Layer Flat Wound Aluminum Voice Coil
    • Dual Black Progressive Spiders with Woven Tinsel Leads
    • Injected Pulp Matrix Fiber Reinforced Cone
    • Multi-Layer Foam Surround
    • 8.26" 285 Oz Double Magnet Structure with Nickel Finish
    • 688 Oz / 43 Pound Motor Structure
    • 6mm Thick Aluminum Shorting Ring for Inductance
    • Interlocking Aluminum Spider Spacer Assembly
    • CILD² - Center Interlocking Dustcap
    • ADC - Air Driven Cooling
    • Nickel Plated Push Terminals
    • Wrap Around Rubber Gasket
    • 1500 Watt RMS Rated
    • DVC 1 ohm or 2 ohm

    • Specifications

      Driver 12 Inch 15 Inch 18 Inch
      FS 36 Hz 33 Hz 31 Hz
      Re 4Ω Series 4Ω Series 4Ω Series
      Qms 6.22 7.05 7.45
      Qes 0.47 0.52 0.55
      Qts 0.42 0.47 0.51
      Mms 210g 245g 275g
      Cms 0.08 mm/N 0.08 mm/N 0.08 mm/N
      Sd 480 cm² 810 cm² 1210 cm²
      Vas 29 L