DS18 SW-16GA-1000SLVB 16-GA Speaker Wire 1000 Feet -Silver and Black

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DS18 provides the perfect combination of affordability and quality, this speaker wire is a tremendous value and a great solution for the everyday audiophile.

Making the connections to your Speakers and Subwoofers with high quality cable is an extremely important part to making sure the system runs at peak performance.

 This 16-Gauge Speaker Wire will do just that, featuring thick CCA strands for optimal current flow throughout your system for peak performance.


  • 16 Gauge high quality power cable
  • Specs by the American Standard 
  • Ultra Flex
  • High performance
  • 1000 Ft. long spool

Key Features 

  • Type: Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA)
  • Size 16-Gauge (AWG)
  • Length 1000 Feet

Great for :

  • Car Audio
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road
  • Home Applications
  • DIY Projects

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