Brand X Voltage Control Knobs for Diode Replacement on Internally Regulated Alternators

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This is a voltage knob to replace diodes on internally regulated alternators with S or Sense Pins. The peak voltage will vary on manufacturer of the alternator-you have. Rating is based off the 14.8v pcm bypass regulator we sell and install in the denso based alternators we build. Some manufacturers will see 15.2-4v peak with a 14v-14.2v set point. With a 14.8v set point from us you’ll see 16v max.

You will wire these to S, and then to a relay off ignition in the fuse box with a 5a fuse inline. There will be no individual instructions with the unit as every vehicle is different. Just generalized instructions to guide you through install. This is for people intending to charge higher than stock, so no, this is not a plug and play install.

These are generally in stock.

they work on up to 4 alternators of the same type.

there is no return policy on this item, it is built to order. 

it is internally regulated alternators that have an external sense pin, if you do know if your alternator has an external sense pin please research that, or ask the manufacturer of the alternator you have.

THIS DOES NOT WORK ON PCM CONTROLLED 05+ GM TRUCKS OR VEHICLES WITH THE 2 pin square plug!!! You need a 4 pin GM regulator for install!!! As stated there are no returns on this item, do not order it wrong. ASK if you can use this before purchasing if you do not know.

basic installation instructions are available here:

Known alternators to work with the voltage control knob and diodes: if your plug looks like this and is a GM, TOYOTA, NISSAN, SUBARU, OR FORD this works for you on an OE regulator or quality aftermarket regulator ONLY! certain brands do not use regulators that function like the OE.

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