(NEW OPEN BOX) DC Audio XL Elite 15 Inch Subwoofer DUAL 1 OHM

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The DC Audio M4 Elite XL15 is an Evolution of our #1 Selling XL Subwoofer line. We have redesigned the motor giving it a fresh new look, Added a pole vent and larger magnets, FEA optimized it and mated it with the DC Frame using 10 inch spiders.

The sub came from demand. XL style motor, 3 inch 8 layer coil, 10 inch spiders and the “famous for its performance and good looks” DC Frame in 15 and 18!!

DC Audio M4 Elite XL15 Specs

Sub Size 12" 15" 18"
Mounting Depth 9.75" 11.00" 12.00"
Mounting Hole Diameter 11.15" 14.25" 16.90"
Outside Driver Diameter 12.50" 15.70" 18.50"
Motor Width 8.75" 8.75" 8.75"
Weight 65lbs 66lbs 67lbs
VC Diameter 3" 3" 3"
Displacement .18³ ft .20³ ft .25³ ft
Magnet Weight 54lbs 54lbs 54lbs
Power Handling RMS/Peak 2200/4400 2200/4400 2200/4400
Impedance (Ohm) D.7/D1/D1.4/D2 D.7/D1/D1.4/D2 D.7/D1/D1.4/D2
Sd 494.00cm² 791.00cm² 1159.00cm²
Vas liters liters liters
Cms mm/N mm/N mm/N
Mms g 367.4 g g
Fs 32.9
BL 22.73 N/A 22.73 N/A 22.73 N/A
Re 3.98 ohm 1.8 ohm 3.98 ohm
Le mH mH mH
Qms 6.31
Qes 0.37
Qts 0.35
Ref SPL @ 1 watt dB 90.3 dB dB
Suggested Sealed n/a n/a n/a
Suggested Ported 1.5³ ft 3.5³ ft 5.5³ ft

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