Down4Sound JP33 | 3300 WATT RMS Class D Amplifier

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  • JP 33 Amplifier: 3300W PLUS RMS MONOBLOCK Amplifier

    We introduce the JP-33 , the 3300 WATT RMS (PLUS WAY more if you have a solid electrical) monoblock amplifier. It's like an 3k (3000 WATT) amplifier just with WAY more power. This 3000 watt amp is great for a serious basshead looking to bang some monterous , storm stomping bass out of their subwoofer.. REMEMBER, This isnt your typical 3000 WATT plus amplifier, we upgraded the input to 2 power and grounds, added the best RCA's true tiffany, the internal fan now stays on as soon as you turn on the amplifier to keep it cooler longer. The color is BattleShip Grey.


    THIS MEANS YOU NEED A BIG 3, UPGRADED ALT, AND RESERVE BATTERY(s) to support this amplifier and any others you may have in your setup. If you do not have the proper electrical before installing this amplifier, you will not have a warranty. 

    Our Ratings on Power for the JP33: TESTED at 14.4V @ 1% THD

    • 1-ohm rating: 3300 WATTS RMS 
    • 2-ohm rating: 2300 WATTS RMS 
    • 4-ohm rating: 1200 WATTS RMS

    Other Specifications on the JP33:

    • Frequency response : 14Hz –260Hz
    • Signal to noise : 96dB
    • Damping factor : 300 <
    • Input sensitivity : 6V –0.2V
    • Subsonic filter : 10Hz –50Hz
    • Low pass filter : 35Hz –250Hz
    • Phase : 0 –180 degree
    • Strappable connection
    • Working to half ohm in speaker connection
    • Fusing: 350A TOTAL | 175A each positive input ( x2)
    • Clipping indicator
    • BT Remote control with Voltage and Temperature display, Clipping indicator.
    • C type power connection for BT remote
    • 4 ga speaker output
    • 2 x 0ga power inputs
    • Working voltage : 9 to 16Volts.
    • Dimensions : 13.8 INCHES (L) x 9.37 INCHES (W) x 2.63 INCHES (H)


    1.5. Including Strapping, Hook UP & trouble shooting.


There is an Optional half ohm warranty in the options above, which protects you for a .5 ohm hook-up for one year.


  • Rated Power Output 2300
  • RMS power, 1ohm : 2000w @ 12v | 2300 @ 14.4v
  • RMS power, 2ohms: 1000w @ 12v | 1300 @ 14.4v
  • RMS power, 4ohms :700w @ 12v 
  • RMS power, 2ohm Linked: 4900W x 1 14.4v
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 250 Hz
  • Low Pass Filter: 35 Hz - 250 Hz
  • Subsonic Filter: 10 Hz - 50 Hz
  • Bass Boost: 0 - 9 Db
  • Input sensitivity: 6V - 0.2V
  • signal to Noise Ratio: 88dB <
  • T.H.D @ 4ohm: less than 0.1%
  • Single unit fuse rating: 200A
  • Strapped fuse rating 400A
  • Length (inches) Width x height (inches): 17.71x 7.32 x 2.19
  • Damping Factor: 100



Amplifier Dyno Sheets: 

Amplifier Dyno Numbers are an Idea of power you'll be getting from the amplifier. The JP23 above rated above power the two testers; that's a plus; most music is played at about clipping, so the uncertified test numbers are significant as bass tuned setups today are played to about clipping anyways. We highly recommend 14.4v - 14.7 volts to get the most from this amplifier; 14.4 is okay, but if you're trying to JAM 14.8v. Install the JP23 and Hear the music :-) 

  • Derek at Sundown:



  • Amp Dyno Results from Big D Wiz:


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