DS18 DB2040 Distribution Block 2 X 0-GA In 4 X 0-GA Out

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Introducing DS18's DB2040 Distribution Block, the ultimate power solution for car audio enthusiasts like you! Crafted by a team of skilled engineers, this masterpiece combines innovation and functionality for organized power distribution to all your components.

The DB2040 Distribution Block's impeccable design extends to its flawless functionality. Engineered to deliver unrivaled power distribution, the DB2040 provides two 0-GA inputs and four 0-GA outputs. Each connection is meticulously nickel plated, ensuring optimal conductivity and minimal signal loss.

Experience the full potential of your amplifiers, with the DB2040 channeling power to your sound system.


  • Clear protective cover
  • Heat resistant plastic housing
  • Distribution block power or ground
  • Nickel Plated
  • 2 x 0 GA IN 4 x 0 GA OUT

Great For

  • Car Audio
  • Pro Audio


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