DS18 NXL-LRING RGB Led Ring for Marine Speakers

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The manufacturing of the NXL-LRING is only the beginning in DS18’s innovations towards creative freedom in all of your vehicle’s builds. This mounting ring is perfect for all 6.5", 8", and 10" speakers in our NXL series and come in a variety of colors to match whatever mood you’re looking to capture from your system. The LRING also has RGB capabilities that give it the ability to produce over 16 million different hues of light using RGB LED's. This ring was made specifically for the NXL and CF series to match the RGB capabilities of most of the speakers in that line.

Take control with this product and create the best sounding, visually pleasing build you can imagine.


  • Easy-to-install mounting ring
  • RGB features that produce over 16 million hues of color to further vitalize your sound system
  • Comes in 6.5" (NXL-LRING6), 8" (NXL-LRING8) , and 10" (NXL-LRING10) sizes to fit any iteration of our NXL and CF series of speaker

Great For

  • Car Audio
  • Pro Audio
  • Marine Audio
  • Jeep Audio
  • Motorsports Audio


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