DS18 PRO-TWX1 – 1” PRO Aluminum Super Bullet Tweeter VC – 240 Watts with Capacitor Crossover Included(Pair)

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Deliver Loud & Accurate Sounds at High Frequencies

The DS18 PRO-TWX1 are out-of-this-world tweeters and for good reason. With 240W peak power handling and a frequency response of 3.5KHz to 20KHz, these professional grade super tweeters deliver accurate sounds at high frequencies––perfect if you like your highs crisp, bright, and loud! Better yet, the Bullet dust cover protects the voice coil and ensures that your highs cut through the noise.

Order the DS18 PRO-TWX1 today to upgrade your sound system and produce highs that are loud, crisp, and accurate! 

Take Your Sound System to The Next Level!

Upgrading with the DS18 PRO-TWX1 lets you make the most out of your sound system because it fills in everything that’s missing from your factory stereo system. Plus, it’s easy to install and gives your favorite music a live-performance feel even if you’re far away. What’s not to love?

Product Highlights

  • Handles high frequencies with ease so you can enjoy your favorite music with loudness and sound quality combined.
  • Powerful and reliable Titanium 4-Ohms 1-inch voice coil rated at 60 watts AES, 120 watts program, and 240 peak power ratings each with a built-in capacitor filter to help prevent failure from harmful frequencies.
  • Super tweeter bullet design delivers extremely high range volume that can be heard for great distances with extreme clarity.
  • Professional grade Pro-Audio tweeter that takes your sound system to the next level!
  • Designed to be repaired quickly and easily with our drop in voice coil kits that can be installed in less than 5 minutes.
  • Extremely high 103 dB rating for screaming loud high range frequencies delivered at high volumes with great sound quality.
  • The ferrite motor structure, with a mounting depth of only 1.57 inches is robust yet small enough to fit an a wide and almost limitless number of applications.

    Model: PRO-TWX1
    Type: Super Bullet Tweeter
    Peak Power Handling 240 Watts
    Program Power Handling 120 Watts
    AES Power Handling 60 Watts
    Diaphragm Material: Aluminum
    Sensitivity: 103dB
    Impedance: 4 Ohms
    Voice Coil Diameter 1"
    Frequency Response: 3.5KHz - 20KHz
    Package Quantity: 2
    Replacement Diaphragm: PRO-TW1VC
    Overall Diameter 3.78"/96mm
    Overall Depth 1.78"/45mm
    Front Mount Baffle Cutout 2.76"/70mm
    Mounting Depth 1.57"/40mm

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