DS18 VMT1 Stand Alone Voltmeter

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 The VMT1 is our reliable voltmeter used to measure the voltage in your vehicles battery with pinpoint accuracy. Optimization is key in all of our designs: so it’s important to optimize and maintain your voltage levels when using any DS18 amplifier. Make sure your system is performing at its peak by monitoring the voltage levels your battery is reaching.

This product makes it that much easier by warning you when your voltage levels have gone too low. Included is an easy-to-use instructional on how to correctly get your vehicles voltage displayed on the product’s screen.  

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  • A stylish, easy-to-use voltmeter that works with all vehicles 
  • A system that helps monitor and maintain the voltage levels in your car 
  • A voltmeter that also helps protect your system by warning when voltage has hit low levels 

Great for 

  • Car Audio 
  • Pro Audio  
  • Motorcycle Audio
  • Jeep Audio 

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