DS18 ZR212LD Bass Package 2 x ZR12.4D 12" Subwoofers In a Ported Box 3200 Watts

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The ZR212LD provides dual 12 inch subwoofers loaded into a ported box for the listeners who like it loud!

The ported box is tuned to 29 Hz and helps get the most from your subwoofers by delivering a deeper, punchier bass. Included in the ported box are two ZR12.4D subwoofers, one of our bestselling car audio subs, designed with dual 4-Ohms voice coils wired in parallel for a nominal impedance of 1-Ohm.

This loaded subwoofer combo offers great sound through high-quality and high-power subwoofers in a prefabricated box that is guaranteed to last! The RMS requirement is 1600W RMS and 3200W max: so in order to power this combo to maximum potential, we recommend a 2000W RMS Amplifier like the ZR2000.1D, H-KO2, or EXL-P2000X1D.


  • The box is constructed of thick 3/4 inch MDF for great strength, resonance, and tuned to 29hz for low and hard hitting bass
  • Dual 12 inch subwoofers with the cone area to blast great sounding bass more efficiently Subwoofers

Key Features


  •  Two 12 inch DVC subwoofer
  •  Max Power Handling: 1600 watts each
  •  RMS Power Handling: 800 watts each
  •  Frequency Response: 25hz-200hz
  •  Voice Coil Diameter: 2.5"
  •  Voice Coil Material: Copper
  •  Impedance: Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm
  •  Sensitivity: 82 DB
  •  Magnet Weight: 100 Oz
  •  Magnet Material: Ferrite
  •  Mounting Depth: 6.6"
  •  Xmax: 25mm one way


  • Box Material: 3/4 inch MDF
  •  Box Covering: Carpet with DS18 logo
  •  Box Tuning: 29hz
  •  Box Type: Side Ported
  •  Internal Volume: 5.3 ft3Demensions:
  •  Height: 14.48"
  •  Width: 36.22"
  •  Depth 1: 19.68"
  •  Depth 2: 21.65"

Great For:

  • Car Audio
  • Pro Audio
  • Home Solutions
  • Hi-Fi Installation
  • DIY Projects
Speaker Type/Size / Tipo/Tamaño de Altavoz Dual 12" / 316mm
Total Impedance / Impedancia Total 1 Ohm
Total RMS Power Handling / Manejo de Potencia RMS total.. 1600W
Total MAX Power Handling / Manejo de Potencia MAX total 3200W
Sensitivity (1w/1m) / Sensibilidad (1w/1m) 86db
Frequency Response / Respuesta de Frecuencia 20Hz-200Hz
Recommended Lo Pass Crossover / Crosover Paso Bajo Recomendado 70Hz

Voice Coil Diameter / Diámetro de la Bobina de Voz....  2.5"/61.6mm
Voice Coil Former Material / Material Interior de Bobina Móvil Aluminum/Aluminio
 Winding Material / Material de Bobinado . Copper / Cobre
 Cone Material / Material del Cono Non-Pressed Paper / Papel no Prensado
Dustcap Material / Material de la Tapa Anti-polvo. PPI
Surround Material / Material de la Suspension Foam / Espuma
Basket Material / Material de la Canasta Steel / Acero
Magnet Material / Material del Imán Ferrite / Ferrita
Magnet Weight / Peso del Imán 100 oz
Height / Altura 14.48" / 368 cm
Width / Ancho 36.22" / 920 cm
Depth 1 / Profundidad 1 19.68" / 500 mm
Depth 2 / Profundidad 2 21.65" / 550 mm


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