DS18 ZXI15.2D High Excursion 15" Car Subwoofer 2000W DVC 2-Ohms, Quad Stacked Magnets

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DS18 ZXI15.2D High Excursion 15" Car Subwoofer
2000W DVC 2-Ohms, Quad Stacked Magnets 

More Power, More Bass!

Designed to provide thumping power that shakes everyone’s mirrors, the ZXI15.2D is a newly designed subwoofer that could only be defined as a monster of a machine. It packs a 3-inch voice coil that’s made to withstand high amounts of power with unparalleled efficiency, while producing thunderous bass that’s free from distortion. Don’t get it twisted, this sub is versatile enough to play higher frequencies under 900Hz down to 15Hz with incredible clarity and accuracy!

Order the DS18 ZXI15.2D today to turn up the bass with thunderous power!

Powerful Bass!

The majority of subs that produce this much bass usually have enormous power requirements to get to maximum XMAX and deliver crazy loud bass. The ZXI15.2D sets itself apart since it has an extremely efficient coil that handles large power with a higher dB rating than most subs at 89 dB. This sub is also conservatively rated at 1000W RMS Power Handling and 2000W MAX Power Handling, making it capable of handling anything you throw at it!

Product Highlights

    • Long ferrite motor structure allows for maximum excursion and former clearance with quad stacked magnets.
    • High Excursion Surround to help produce maximum a 30.5mm (one-way) XMAX without damage to the cone and surround.
    • Conservatively rated at 1000W RMS Power Handling and 2000W MAX Power Handling so you can get the high-powered thunderous bass you crave.
    • 3-inch voice coil to absorb and produce the highest heat to power ratio all while pumping out thumping head turning bass.
    • Low FS of 28Hz so the sub can play ultra-low frequencies all while still retaining the versatility of a traditional subwoofer.
    • Ultra-low frequency response of 15Hz-900Hz to ensure great lows and you will be able to have hard hitting bass that plays with authority. 

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