Incriminator Audio IX1.1 1200w RMS Mono Block Amplifier

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We just reset the whole compact monoblock amplifier market with our new IX mono’s.  That all starts with the IX1.1.  You have less than a square foot to work with and you need a strong amp?  We have you covered, at less than 10” long, the all new IX1.1 pours out 1200 watts at 1ohm mono (or 800 at 2 ohms) with ease.  What that means, is you have power to spare to run a pair of quality subs or a single sub that needs over 1000 watts to get going.  This would be a perfect mate to a Lethal Injection subwoofer.

Running more than one powerful sub, but pinched on amp space?  You can run multiple IX1.1’s in master/slave mode to keep the power on tap you need, while looking good doing it.  All you would need to do is flip a switch and you will have your amps strapped and working as a team.  

Employing our multi-layer protection circuitry as well as a heavy duty, double sided PCB, you can relax knowing you will have years of reliable performance from a quality amplifier.  With a built-in, adjustable subsonic filter, you can relax knowing your subwoofer will be protected too.  With a high dampening factor as well as high signal to noise ratio, you will have excellent sound going to your subs from the entire IX line up.


  • Features

    • Digital Class-D Mono Block Amplifier
    • Dual MOS-FET Pulse Width Modulation Power Supply
    • 1 Ohm Topology
    • 24 dB/octave - Variable State Subsonic Filter
    • 24 dB/octave - Variable State Low Pass Filter
    • 9 dB/octave - Variable State Bass Boost
    • Heavy Duty Copper Layer Double Sided Epoxy PCB
    • Advanced Strapping with Mirror Techology
    • Multi-Layer Bullet Proof Protection Circuit (Themal, Voltage, Speaker Short, DC)
    • Wired Remote Control with Clipping Indicator



    Rated Power ( 14.4V at 1% THD ) IX1.1
    RMS Power - 2 Ohm Linked : 2400W
    RMS Power - 1 Ohm Mono : 1200W
    RMS Power - 2 Ohm Mono : 800W
    RMS Power - 4 Ohm Mono : 400W
    Low Pass Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) : 35Hz - 250Hz
    Subsonic Filter ( 24dB/Oct. ) : 10Hz - 50Hz
    Frequency Response ( +/- 1dB ) : 12Hz - 250Hz
    Bass Boost ( 45Hz ) : 0 - 9dB
    Input Sensitivity ( Volt +/- 5% ) : 6.0V - 0.2V
    Signal / Noise Ratio : 95dB
    Dampening Factor ( 1 Ohm ) : 200 +
    Master/Slave/Mirror : Included
    Power Efficiency ( 4 Ohm ) : 94%
    Fuse Rating ( 14.4V ) : 120A
    Fuse Rating ( 14.4V Linked ) : 240A
    Segmented Power Input Connection : 4 AWG
    Operation Voltage : 8.5V - 16.0V
    Speaker Output Connection : 8 AWG
    Dimensions ( Inches ) : 7.48 W x 2.24 H x 9.84 L
    Dimensions ( Millimeters ) : 190 W x 57 H x 250 L

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