Second Skin Audio Luxury Liner™ Sheet - Mass Loaded Vinyl

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Second Skin Audio: Luxury Liner MLV Sheet

Road noise, engine, and exhaust noise are a big component of most automotive noise problems. Second Skin Luxury Liner is a barium infused mass loaded vinyl, designed to block even the most stubborn airborne sound waves. Luxury Liner works best as the final layer in a multi-layer vehicle sound insulation project. Start with a sound deadener (Second Skin Audio's Damplifier Pro or Spectrum) for the metal structure noise. Then add a decoupling layer (Overkill or Heat Wave Pro) to decouple and add thermal insulation, and then finally use Luxury Liner as your sound barrier material.


  • 1/8” thick, raw virgin mass loaded vinyl
  • Each sheet is 24” x 54” (9 Sq Ft)
  • Weight: 1 pound per square foot
  • Flexible and pliable; won’t break off if bent like some recycled MLVs
  • Apply with vinyl contact cement
  • Made in the USA


Product Usage

  • Second Skin's Luxury Liner MLV should be used in combination with a decoupling product for best results in vehicles. We recommend OverKill Pro (closed cell foam) or Heat Wave Pro (jute and foil blanket). This MLV noise barrier is cut into sheets that are a great size for generator boxes and other small soundproofing projects.
  • Cut with a sharp utility knife or upholstery scissors
  • Normal adhesives will not work on vinyl. You need a specific product such as our HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement or to fasten it with nails, screws, or staples.
  • If you're looking for a full roll, check out our Luxury Liner MLV roll. We recommend full rolls for residential applications inside the walls, floors, or ceiling.

Recommended Install Locations

  • Floor - front firewall all the way back to the rear deck seat wall
  • Firewall - cabin side
  • Trunk - entire floor including over the wheel wells

Application Instructions

  1. For best results, Luxury Liner should be applied on top of a sound deadener, such as Second Skin Audio's Damplifier Pro or Spectrum. It’ll be the final layer of your multi-layer sound insulation bubble.
  2. Choose your decoupler. For the floor of vehicles, we typically recommend OverKill Pro (closed cell foam) or Heat Wave Pro (jute material). OverKill Pro will create an overall better barrier layer, whereas the Heat Wave Pro is a better thermal insulator and sound absorber. You can't go wrong with either product.
  3. If upholstery or carpet is not already out, remove it. Ensure there’s no loose debris, rust, dirt, or waxy oils.
  4. Cut Luxury Liner to the desired size with a sharp utility knife or a good pair of scissors. Be sure to cut to a size that will allow you to reinstall the carpet and upholstery trim. Do not cover wires, drain holes, or mechanical devices. This part of the project is more art than science, as you need to have as few gaps as possible in your noise barrier while avoiding interference with other parts of the car.
  5. Use vinyl cement, such as HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement, to adhere the Luxury Liner to the decoupler of choice. Apply one coat on the Luxury Liner Vinyl and one to the decoupling product.
  6. Apply a second adhesive to the decoupler and the foil side of your Damplifier Pro. You can reuse the contact cement or use a High Temp Spray Adhesive or Super Strong Double Sided Tape. If using a spray adhesive, wait 1-2 minutes for the gases to be released from the glue and it to become tacky. Then press the tacky side of the decoupler down to the foil side of your sound deadener. Apply constant pressure over the entire surface for several minutes to ensure a solid bond.
  7. Seal any exposed edges or seams with Foil Insulation Tape. The goal is to create as close to an unbroken noise barrier as possible.
  8. Factory carpet can be replaced immediately. Aftermarket carpet kits can be attached directly to the exposed mass loaded vinyl side of Luxury Liner.

Second Skin Luxury Liner Install Guide


Sound Transmission Loss


 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000 
 Sound Transmission Loss (dB)    13  17  21  28  33  40




STC Rating: 26 


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