PRV AUDIO WGP14-50X Series Waveguides

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After several months of research and development in search of a shorter horn that would still amplify low frequencies without any output loss, PRV Audio Group engineers developed the WGP14-50X Horn Series’ patented design (Patent #29/842,663), which features a unique octagonal shape engineered not only for outstanding looks, but to dramatically increase dispersion and output on a compact profile!

Take your custom system to the next level armed with a unique LOOK with the WGP14-50X Horn Series, a waveguide with a 2″ throat exit designed to work with any of our 2″ Exit Compression Drivers.

We reduced 1.16″ off its mounting depth, when compared to our rounded WGP14-50 Horn Series, giving the new design only 3.86″ of mounting depth, thus increasing options for custom systems, allowing you to fit more with less space, which is ideal for both custom door panels and trunk systems.

Its blue chrome paint gives it a distinct finish, making this new series the most unique horn in today’s car audio market!


  • Shallow Design allows to mount 2″ drivers with very little depth
  • Squared outside edges allow easy side or up stack of multiple drivers in a compact format
  • 2″ throat with standard 4-bolt mounting pattern
  • Non-resonant reinforced plastic construction
  • Wide Coverage with a Limit frequency of 700 Hz

Technical Details


Throat Diameter 2” (50.8 mm)
Mounting Type Bolt-on
Hole Dimensions 0.31″ 8 mm
Bolt Circle 4″ 102 mm
Nominal Coverage
Horizontal 60°
Vertical 60°
Flare type Hybrid
Material Plastic (ABS)
Finish / Coating Several Colors
Height 6.16″ (156.5 mm)
Width 6.16″ (156.5 mm)
Depth 4.37″ (111 mm)
Mounting Depth 3.86″ (98 mm)
Baffle Cutout
Diameter Circle 5.75″ (146 mm)
Net weight 0.46 lb (0.21 kg)

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