Sundown Audio SLD-12 inch Dual 4 ohm Shallow Mount Subwoofer SLD Series(500 watts)

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The Sundown SLD series can be considered a “re-boot” of the SD-2 line from 2011. The SD-2 was essentially a “shallow SA v1” by design – meaning it shared the cone, surround, and spider with the SA but with a shorter motor with a shorter coil. The SD series went another route starting with the 3rd generation (SD-3) – tilting more towards SQ and sealed enclosures (this remains true for the SD-4 series as well). Due to popular demand we created the SLD series to add a heavily abuse tolerant “shallow” that likes ported boxes back into the line-up!

Much like the current SD-4 series we utilized solid pole-piece so the SLD can also be mounted directly against the rear enclosure wall to reduce net depth requirements. Compared to the old SD-2 we have introduced numerous important upgrades: pole-piece channels for reduced air noise & increased cooling, top-plate “slits” for better cooling and less distortion, and a magnet ID shorting ring. In terms of long-term reliability we have also bolted down the spider, bolted the motor together, bolted on the aluminum pole cap, and added “mini-XL” lead wires thus ensuring many years of flawless service.

The bottom line is if you need a relatively shallow woofer that will take a beating then the SLD is, hands-down, the woofer for you from our line. If you are looking for more SQ then look toward the SD-4 series.


  • Features

    • Xmax = 12mm one-way by 70% BL
    • Xmech is a hard limit of 25mm one-way (being over 2x the Xmax it is a very generous limit)
    • RMS Power = 600-watts
    • Black Aluminum 2.5” voice coil former for superior heat dissipation
    • High Temperature 4-Layer copper voice coil wire
    • Stitched-On “Mini-XL” Tinsel Leads to prevent fatigue and failure
    • Solid Pole with high velocity vent channels machined around the OD
    • Vented, EMD Cut, Top-Plate Design
    • Bolt-through motor design to ensure maximum longevity and ruggedness against mechanical failures
      ** This motor is bolted through the top so the bolts are not visible from the back like several other models.
    • Magnet ID shorting ring



    • T/S SPECS SLD 12″ D2 SLD 12″ D4
      RE (Ohms) 3.65 6.85
      FS (Hz) 42.959 45.142
      VAS (L) 26.889 29.481
      Qes 0.691 0.619
      Qms 2.227 2.298
      Qts 0.415 0.487
      Le (mH)    
      BL (NA) 19.868 23.025
      Mms (Grams) 204.319 168.773
      Cms (uM/N) 67.177 73.652
      Sens (dB @ 1w/1m) 88.1 88.3


      Enclosure Specifications

      • Sealed Enclosure 1.0 cu ft
        Ported Enclosure 1.5 cu ft
        Recommended Tuning 35Hz
        Recommended Port Area 26 sq in
        Depth 5.45″
        Outside Diameter 12.625″
        Cut-Out 11.125″

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