DS18 EXL-SQ6.9 Glass Fiber 6x9" 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker 560 Watts 3-Ohm (PAIR)

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When you seek sound quality, it is best to have an idea of what to look for. Sensitivity, frequencies, woofer, tweeter, surround materials, and power handling are all important key factors. EXL SQ Coaxial Speaker brings it all with black glass fiber cone, advanced PEI dome tweeter, NEO magnets, 1" BASV voice coils, 3 Ohms impedance strontium-magnets and aluminum basket.


  • Unique coaxial design with concave recessed tweeter.
  • 3 ohms voice coil to help maximize power from amps.
  • Glass fiber cone for a great look and high durability while keeping a high sensitivity.

6x9 car audio speaker system 2 way coaxial 560 watts

6x9 car audio speaker system 2 way coaxial fiber glass dome 560 watts

6x9 car audio speaker system 2 way coaxial durable sensitive 560 watts

6x9 car audio speaker system 2 way coaxial concave tweeter 560 watts

Model: EXL-SQ6.9
Type: Coaxial
Size: 6x9"
RMS Power: 160W
MAX Power: 560W
Frequency Response: 55Hz - 22KHz
Impedance: 3 ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB
Surround: Rubber Edge
Cone: Black Glass Fiber
Magnet: Strontium
Voice Coil Wire: BASV
Voice Coil Size: 1.3" / 33 mm
Woofer Magnet: Stronium
Magnet Weight: 20 oz
Tweeter Voice Coil: .08" / 20.3 mm
Tweeter: 1.14" / 29 mm
Tweeter Magnet: Neodymium
Mounting Cutout: 5.9"x8.6" / 150x220 mm
Mounting Depth: 3.22" / 82 mm
Grills: Yes

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