DS18 ENS-DODGE19-4X8 Quad 8"Ported Subwoofer Enclosure For DODGE 4 Door Crew Cab 19-23

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Feel the power of pure low-end perfection with DS18’s ENS-DODGE19-4x8!

Designed exclusively for car audio enthusiasts like you, DS18’s ENS-DODGE19-4x8 takes your truck’s bass experience to unparalleled heights.

Crafted with an expert’s attention to detail, the ENS-DODGE19-4x8 combines the power of four 8” subwoofers with a perfectly tuned ported design for unrivaled bass response. In DS18’s ENS-DODGE19-4x8, every beat is reproduced with remarkable clarity and pinpoint accuracy for deep, punchy bass that reverberates through your entire vehicle.

Durability meets style in the ENS-DODGE19-4x8’s construction. The 3/4" MDF material ensures excellent structural integrity, allowing the enclosure to withstand the most intense vibrations without distortion. And its sleek black bedliner paint finish blends seamlessly with Dodge Ram interiors.

The ENS-DODGE19-4x8’s internal volume of 2.5ft3 is optimized to provide the ideal balance between powerful bass response and efficient use of space. The port tune (Fb) of 28Hz guarantees an extended low-frequency response, enveloping you in a rich and immersive soundstage.

DS18's ENS-DODGE19-4x8 comes complete with a speaker connector, making installation a breeze. With an overall height of 10.2" (260mm), width of 49.6" (1260mm), and depth of 11.8" (300mm), this subwoofer enclosure effortlessly integrates into your Dodge Ram, maximizing available space for maximum impact.

Designed with precision, DS18's ENS-DODGE19-4x8 features a speaker mounting hole of 7.5" (190mm) which allows fitment of most 8-inch subwoofers.. This expert attention to detail ensures a perfect fit for your subwoofers, eliminating any unwanted vibrations or distortions that could compromise your audio experience. With DS18, the focus is on delivering superior performance without compromising on convenience.


  • DS18's ENS-DODGE19-4x8 combines the power of four 8" subwoofers with a precisely tuned port design to deliver unrivaled sonic performance.
  • Included speaker connector so setting up the ENS-DODGE19-4x8 is a breeze.
  • The port tune (Fb) of 28Hz ensures an extended low-frequency response, creating a captivating audio experience.
  • Overall height of 10.2" (260mm), width of 49.6" (1260mm), and depth of 11.8" (300mm), guarantee a seamless fit in your Dodge Ram

Great For

  • Truck Audio
  • Dodge Ram 2019 - 2022



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