DS18 MDSA10/4.30FT Snake, Medusa 10 Channel RCA and 4 x 12GA OFC Power Wire 30 Feet

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Let DS18’s MDSA10/4.30FT revolutionize your car audio system with its impressive specifications. With 10 channels of RCA audio and 4 x 12 Ga OFC power cables, this multicore audio wire dares you to create a sound system that defies boundaries.

This Medusa Wire offers the best means of connecting your equalizers, crossovers, and other audio components to your radio box without sacrificing mobility or compromising on audio quality. The 30ft length of the MDSA10/4.30FT provides an extensive range, allowing you to position your equalizers and crossovers wherever you desire within your vehicle. With this harness, you can have your wires neatly routed inside, OR outside in true PRO-AUDIO fashion. 

The 10 channels of RCA audio ensure pristine signal transmission, preserving the integrity of your audio signals from the source to your equalizers and crossovers. Every nuance and detail of your music is faithfully reproduced, delivering a listening experience that captures the essence of the original recording.

The DS18 MDSA10/4.30FT sets a new standard for audio purity with its premium craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. The Tiffany-style RCA plugs will give your system a higher level of sophistication while providing a secure and reliable connection. The 100% oxygen-free copper conductors ensure optimal signal transfer and minimize signal degradation. The twisted shield, encased in PVC black, offers unrivaled protection against electromagnetic interference, guaranteeing perfect reproduction.

DS18’s MDSA10/4.30FT Medusa Wire is designed to simplify installation, making it a breeze for both seasoned technicians and beginning enthusiasts alike. By offering an ample 30ft cable length, the MDSA10 allows for greater flexibility in routing and managing of wires. The Tiffany-style RCA’s are user-friendly and ensure hassle-free installation. Each channel is also clearly labeled, ensuring easy identification and proper connection of the RCA wires. DS18’s MDSA10/4.30FT gives you the chance to have the cleanest, highly organized, and efficient installation possible.


  • Generous 30ft wire length to reach any desired installation location
  • 10 channels of RCA Audio and 4x 12 Ga OFC Power Cables crafted from 100% oxygen free copper
  • Tiffany style design RCA plugs for secure and reliable connections
  • Twisted shield design incorporated in the RCA wires provides protection from electromagnetic interference
  • Built to withstand all environmental conditions
  • This Medusa Wire’s flexibility and performance make it a versatile option for audio enthusiasts across all domains
  • Excellent all in one harness for connecting and external radio or DSP in a pro audio wall setup

Great For

  • Car Audio
  • Pro Audio

Type Multicore (Medusa / Snake) Audio Wire
Size / Length  30 ft / 9.1m
Number of Audio Channels (RCA) 10
Number of Power Circuits (Single Wire) 4
Recommended Maximum Amperage (13.8 Volts / 2% Drop) Up to 6 Amps (Each Circuit)  
RCA Type Tiffany Style
RCA Plug Material Metal
RCA Plug Size (WxL) 12.4mm x 25mm (only body no tips)
Conductor Material Copper 100% oxygen free
Nominal Outside Diameter (Wire) 2.7mm
Shield Type / Material / Color Twisted / PVC Black
Type Single Conductor
Conductor Material Copper 100% oxygen free
Numbers of Threads 105
Size of the Thread 0.21mm
Nominal Outside Diameter Ø4mm
Section Area 3675mm2
Gauge 12 AWG
Shield Type / Material / Color PVC Red / Black / Blue / White

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