Second Skin Audio Mega Zorbe™ - Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (Peel & Stick)

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Absorbing noise that’s already in the cabin is the last step of any vehicle soundproofing project. Mega Zorbe is an aerospace grade, lightweight melamine foam sheet with excellent physical properties, making it ideal for both sound and thermal insulation. We’ve enhanced our melamine foam through a proprietary treatment to make it hydrophobic and safe for use in vehicles. Our patented process penetrates the entire material to ensure long-lasting and consistent waterproofing. Because it’s an open cell foam, Mega Zorbe is perfect for absorbing those medium and high frequency noises in your vehicle.


  • 0.5 inch thick hydrophobic melamine foam
  • Lightweight, flexible, and water resistant
  • Aerospace grade sound absorber and thermal insulator (r-value per inch: 4.16)
  • Each sheet is 24” x 24” (4 Sq Ft) and about 1/10 of a pound
  • Thermal range: -40 F to 350 F
  • These peel and stick sheets come with an adhesive backing. We also offer a version with no adhesive.
  • Meets all aerospace, transportation, and architectural standards for fire, smoke, toxicity, and water resistance
  • Made in Germany and treated in the USA


Product Usage Tips

  • Choose between standard Mega Zorbe, which can be applied with our Contact Spray Adhesive or Super Strong Double Sided Tape, and peel & stick Mega Zorbe that includes an adhesive backing.
  • We do not recommend using this product in heat bays or near heat sources. For high heat applications, try Mega Block.
  • To continue enhancing sound and thermal insulation properties, stack Mega Zorbe on top of itself to 1" or even 2" of total thickness.
  • The R-Value of open cell foam makes Mega Zorbe excellent for additional insulation in the doors and above the headliner.


Second Skin hydrophobic melamine foam application surfaces and square footage


how to install Second Skin hydrophobic melamine foam

Mega Zorbe is commonly used in a variety of industries. Use cases range from energy companies to HVAC ducts to wall insulation for aircraft and other commercial transportation. Call us if you have questions about your specific need.


 Flammability Ratings:  Description:    Rating:
 UL 94 HF-1  Horizontal Burning  Pass
 UL 94 V-0  Vertical Burning  Pass
 FAR 25.853 (a, i)  60 Sec Vertical

 Burn Time (Avg): 0 Seconds

 Burn Length (Avg): 2”

 Drip Extinguish Time: No Drip 

 FAR 25.856, BSS7365, AITM 2.0053   Radiant Panel 

 After Flame: 0 Seconds

 Flame Propagation: < 1”

 ASTM 662-83, BSS7238  Smoke Generation

 Flaming: Ds (1.5 min) = 57 

 Ds (4.0 min) = 77 

 BSS7239                                      Toxicity                                      Pass
 ASTM E 84  Steiner Tunnel, 1inch thick

 Flame Spread < 25

 Smoke Developed < 50

 ASTM E 162-83  Surface Flammability

 Flame Spread factor 1.83

 Heat Evolution factor 2.50

 Flame Spread index 4.62

 DIN 5510  

 Flammability: S4

 Smoke: SR2

 Drips: ST2


Acoustical Properties

ASTM E1050 testing method used to record acoustical absorption coefficients at various thicknesses and frequencies.

                                          Frequency (Hz)

Foam Thickness:  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000 
0.25 in. 4 5 10 20 39 81
0.50 in. 11 12 25 42 77 94
1.0 in. 18 23 50 82 99 99
2.0 in. 31 60 75 90 100 100
3.0 in. 42 67 81 96 100 100
4.0 in. 53 80 90 99 100 100

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