SoundQubed 1/0 OFC Amp Kit (single Amp Kit)

SoundQubed 1/0 OFC Amp Kit (single Amp Kit)

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Soundqubeds NEW and improved amplifier wiring kits. These wiring kits are OFC and offer an affordable price while providing everything you need to get the amplifier wired up with style. Right now, Soundqubed offers these amplifier kits with green 17 foot of power and 3 foot, black grounds wire. Both wires to come with a crimped ring terminal on the end that is already heat chrunk for you. From there, you just need to determine where you want to plce your fuse. The fuse block is a Set Screw  style fuse holder that comes loaded with a 300Amp ANL fuse. The kits also come with 17' of green remote wire and 18', 2 channel twisted RCA's. In the 0 gauge amp kit, it comes with 10' of 10Gauge Speaker wire. Along with the amp kit, is inlcuded a rubber ring grommet, zip ties, and a couple different screws for securing your fuse holder. 

OFC Wire

-17' Green Power Wire

-3' Black Ground Wire

-17' Green Remote Wire

-10' 10Gauge Green/Black Speaker Wire

-18' 2Ch Twisted RCA's

-Set Screw Fuser Holder

-300 amp ANL Fuse

-Zip Ties

-Mounting Screws

-1 Crimped terminals on each, power and ground wires

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